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World of Water

Schedule: Thursday, May 30, 6:00pm - 7:30pmPrice: $30.00Tickets Available: 39Venue: Epicurean Theatre
Event Information

Experience the stories, taste, and nuances of water that will hydrate your mind. Join us for an evening of water tasting and pairings with Certified Water Sommelier, Christine Hilgert and Source to Bottle CEO, Oliver Merino! Explore the various minerality and composition of water that affect the taste and compliment your Epicurean experience. We will showcase curated fine water from around the world in this unique theatre tasting experience!

Tickets are $30 per person – each ticket includes an educational tasting of more than 10 world premium waters provided by Source to Bottle, a cabernet wine tasting for contrast, and personal meat & charcuterie plate to accompany the tasting experience!

Plus, attendees who choose to visit one of our bars or restaurants before or after the event will receive a special offer. Explore all our on-property dining options here.





In addition to the six world premium waters provided by Source to Bottle and a cabernet wine tasting, guests will each enjoy a personal meat & charcuterie plate complete with assorted meats, cheeses, nuts, fruit, chocolate, etc. to accompany the tasting!




Christine Hilgert, Certified Water Sommelier – Christine Hilgert earned her Certified Water Sommelier from the Fine Water Academy in 2021. Since she has consulted within the meeting and conference industry on unique ways to educated and showcase some of the world’s award-winning waters. Through water tastings, best to serve for celebratory occasions and hosted opportunities at conferences and special events. She enjoys traveling and trying out local new waters from the UK to Austria. Her career in the meeting and events industry for over 25 years has allowed her to always provide fresh and new ideas for her clients and often speaks at industry events. Christine has a passion for fine water and the epicurean experience.

Oliver Merino, CEO, Source to Bottle – Source to Bottle is a brand incubator dedicated to find, import and commercialize the world’s finest bottled-at-the-source mineral water. New countries to discover, new water sources to taste. Always pure, untouched by man, and naturally charged with essential minerals that are good for your health & wellness. Come join us to taste the world through its finest waters!




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Ticket Price: $30

*Gratuity is already included in ticket price. Tax will apply during checkout.




No menu substitutions.

Gratuity is already included in ticket price. Tax will apply during checkout.

Cancellations made up to 48 hours before the event will be refunded 100%. Under 48 hours there will be no refunds.

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