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The Heart of the Epicurean Experience

The ultimate playground for culinary discovery and the perfect spot for a long-anticipated reservation that feels spontaneous. This signature immersive experience entices guests to learn, taste and create together. Unexpected surprises, uniquely crafted menus and in-the-moment themes make this place a special occasion. Expert guides lead the way off the beaten path.

Epicurean Theatre 6

Private Events

All the ingredients for an incredible event are prepped and right at hand. The state-of-the-art kitchen with stadium seating, multiple TVs and engaging content spark creativity and innovation. A stimulating space for team building, interactive presentations, friendly competitions and just pure fun.

Epicurean Theatre 3

Events Calendar

Bring your inner connoisseur to life in our culinary classroom. Satisfy your curiosity and broaden your perspectives alongside award-winning chefs, star mixologists, buzzworthy winemakers and talented artists. An ever-changing lineup keeps it fresh.

Bern Laxer smelling a glass of red wine

Our Legacy

The late Bern Laxer, founder of Bern’s Steak House in Tampa, strongly believed that in the business of food and wine, one must be a student for life. Inspired by Epicurus’ own philosophical school, this space acts as a forum for the open discussion of a range of topics, from cultural trends to the art of mixology and cooking techniques.